Jigsaw Supports UK-SBA Statement on Racial Equality

Recent events across the UK and beyond have raised the issue of racial equality to a higher consciousness and Jigsaw Trust joins with UK-SBA, along with other organisations and individuals, in supporting the global call to end racial discrimination.

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

With many of our pupils still on site and our wonderful staff of key workers continuing to deliver education, care and support to them, please take a moment to join us in recognising, celebrating and championing individuals with autism across the globe – and to send appreciation to all staff, carers and families across the […]

Continuing Professional Development at Jigsaw

Having access to a range of Continuing Professional Development opportunities is a really important part of working at Jigsaw – one of the opportunities is to complete the Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) training programme.

Jump for Jigsaw 2020

skydive for jigsaw this april

Feeling daring….want a challenge for 2020….why not try skydiving?!   You can Jump For Jigsaw this April and help celebrate World Autism Awareness month with us.