Jigsaw Staff Attend Chicago Conference

6 staff from Jigsaw attended the recent ABAI Conference in Chicago (during half term) meeting up with colleagues from around the globe as well as CABAS® Senior Research Scientist and Jigsaw’s senior consultant Dr. R Douglas Greer.

Jigsaw pupils get new Trim Trail

Jigsaw's new Trim Trail

Following an incredibly generous donation of £7,600 from St Faith’s Trust, Jigsaw’s pupils can now enjoy an exciting new addition to one of their playgrounds.

Jigsaw’s Intrepid Trio – ‘Team Jigsaw’

Jigsaw Supervisors, Kate Hewett and Edi Middleton along with Master Teacher, Natalie Leow-Dyke are aiming to raise £2,500 towards a Wet Room installation for staff to teach pupils vital daily living skills in a specifically designed space.