Jigsaw offers a broad outreach programme comprising training and information workshops for parents, carers and other interested parties through to more specific support in areas such as desensitisation and life skills acquisition.

The purpose of Jigsaw’s outreach service is to provide parents with advice on:

  • Behavioural strategies to encourage positive interaction and appropriate behaviours in the home setting
  • Strategies to establish routines and increase independence with daily living skills such as sleep routine, personal care
  • Behaviour management strategies to decrease behaviours that challenge in the home setting
  • Generalisation of skills from school to home setting
  • How we can support you and your family with accessing the community

Support can be provided for

  • Home setting
  • Medical appointments
  • Transport and transitioning
  • Hairdressing

One of our key goals is to ensure consistency between a Jigsaw setting and home environment as much as possible and we also offer Parent Education Sessions throughout the year to help parents and carers learn some of the techniques that allow for this to happen and help bridge the gap between school and home learning as well as sharing knowledge and best practice as we work towards helping our pupils gain greater independence and life skills.  You can visit our Workshops page on our main Jigsaw Trust website for latest dates and topics.

We encourage our parents to take up the Jigsaw Outreach Service for their child and ask that they speak directly to their Class Supervisor to discuss the most beneficial options.