Sixth Form

Jigsaw’s Post-16 Provision

We believe that one of the central aims of the educational opportunities delivered in Post-16 education is to enable pupils to become active participants in, and contributors to, society and enable them to leave school as young adults having achieved the highest degree of personal independence.

To help achieve this, irrespective of pupils’ level of ability, the provision available throughout the school reflects the changing age of pupils, therefore, the curriculum provided in the Sixth Form adapts to the change in emphasis and priority.

Pupils continue to have individualised learning plans which consider the individual needs, abilities, previous learning, interests and aspirations of each pupil. There is an ongoing focus on communication, independent living and vocational skills with an emphasis on recognising pupils’ existing skills and providing carefully structured opportunities to apply these skills in functional, everyday contexts and situations.

The overarching aim of Jigsaw’s Post-16 provision is to prepare pupils for the next stages of their lives and transition to adulthood by providing them with the skills to

  • Communicate and interact functionally with others
  • Apply skills functionally when taking responsibility for personal independence
  • Learn how to live safe, healthy an fulfilling lives
  • Apply skills functionally when accessing the community
  • Develop, identify and apply skills and knowledge needed for a range of types of work
  • Experience real working environments
  • Recognise and respect their rights and responsibilities within a diverse society

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