Jigsaw FAQ


Question and Answers relating to Jigsaw School

Jigsaw School is located on Dunsfold Park, near Cranleigh in Surrey. We take pupils from a wide catchment area; the criteria is travelling distance: 1 hour maximum for Primary aged pupils and 1 hour 30 minutes maximum for Secondary aged pupils.
Jigsaw School has been recognised as "OUTSTANDING" by Ofsted. The latest report can be found on our Reports & Policies page.
CABAS® stands for The Comprehensive Application of Behaviour Analysis to Schooling a research-driven system-wide approach providing individualised programmes for children and young people with and without disabilities. It was developed by R. Douglas Greer PhD and colleagues of Teachers College, Columbia University over 35 years ago. As a CABAS school our goals are to accelerate children’s learning, the ability to learn in new ways, and to acquire the ability to learn independently. It is also as important that children learn to expand their community of reinforcers, or passionate interests, as it is to teach them to do things they could not do without special instruction. You can read more on our Teaching & Learning pages.
All pupils placed at Jigsaw School have a diagnosis of ASD - Jigsaw is an autism specific school.
We hold regular open mornings for new potential parents. Details and dates are listed on the Open Mornings page under the Admissions menu.
All pupils have an EHCP where Jigsaw School is named in Section 1 of the Plan.
Jigsaw School is part of the Local Authorities Local Offer whereby a Local Authority places children at the School. We work closely with 13 Local Authorities and have good positive relationships with the Local Authority Case Officers who are knowledgeable about our admissions criteria.
Once you have viewed the School at an Open Morning, you can go back to your Case Officer and request that they consult with us for a placement.
We will invite you and your child to come into School for a visit followed by a more formal assessment with the Admissions Team. Sometimes we need to complete more than one assessment at School. If we believe we can meet the needs of your child we will offer you a place, a potential start date and send an offer letter to your Local Authority.
Yes, we are able to take pupils throughout the year as long as there is a place available and the Local Authority agrees to fund the placement.
Yes, pupils start 3x half days per week for the first 2 weeks to enable them to settle into the School quickly. Individual transition requirements will be discussed as part of your admissions process.
You will be invited to an Introductory Parent Meeting to meet the team who will support your child at School. This team includes the Supervisory, SLT, OT and Administrative staff.
Usually the Local Authority provides transport as part of the placement package. Most of our pupils come to the School in taxis and have a personal assistant to keep them occupied and safe on the journey. This is something that will be discussed during the formal admissions process.
Across the School and JigsawPlus we have a number of BCBAs (Board Certified Behaviour Analysts). All of our teaching staff work through the CABAS® training programme and we have a number of certified behaviour analysts with the CABAS® Board working across the School and JigsawPlus. In addition we have regular visiting CABAS® Consultants including Senior Behaviour Analysts and Research Scientists plus a Therapy Team consisting of Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists. See our Staff page for more info.
JigsawPlus provides further vocational, educational and wellbeing services for adults (18 years and over) with autism and related disabilities at our Centre for Lifelong Learning. You can find out much more about the specialist day services offered by JigsawPlus by visiting the website.