Since June 2003, the School has been a certified CABAS® School. CABAS® is an acronym for the Comprehensive Application of Behaviour Analysis to Schooling. The principles of behaviour analysis are applied to a school setting at every level (e.g. the curriculum for the pupils and the study programme and performance management of the staff team). With regard to the pupils there is an emphasis on:

  • Teaching pupils to acquire the ability to learn independently
  • Teaching pupils to learn in new ways
  • Accelerating pupils learning.

It is also as important that children learn how to fill their free time and they develop passionate interests.

CABAS® was developed by R. Douglas Greer PhD and colleagues of Teachers College, Columbia University over 40 years ago and research has shown that over 4-7 times more learning is achieved compared to more traditional approaches to teaching.  We are extremely fortunate to have Senior CABAS® Consultants visit Jigsaw twice each year.

In a CABAS® school, teaching is broken down into learn units

Learn more about CABAS in our downloadable ‘What is Behaviour Analysis & CABAS?’ leaflet or visit the CABAS website for more information.