Where will my child go after finishing in full time education?  This is a vey real question and a pressing concern that all parents have.

As part of Jigsaw’s integrated model for lifelong learning, in September 2012, the Trust opened JigsawPlus specialist day services for adults at their Centre for Lifelong Learning.  JigsawPlus is dedicated and passionate in its commitment to support adults with autism (aged 18+) to make positive, personal choices that enhance their wellbeing, independence and social inclusion.


Jigsaw offers a transition programme as well as holiday placements for older students to help a smooth passage from a formal education setting to an adult setting.   JigsawPlus is available to students from Jigsaw CABAS School and those who have not attended….it is a service offering Lifelong Learning and vocational training and experiences to adults with autism.

To learn more about Jigsaw’s post 18 provision, please visit the JigsawPlus website.   Alternatively, please speak to our Head of Admissions, Sarah Bryant on 01483 273874 for more information and/or to book on a JigsawPlus Open Morning.