Jigsaw’s annual Christmas Wishlist now LIVE on Amazon.co.uk

Jigsaw Trust Christmas Amazon Wishlist

Each year we ask teachers and learning support workers for ideas for additional gifts/resources that we can include on a Christmas Wishlist for our learners and, as always, they’ve come up with some great ideas.  We then set up the Wishlist on Amazon for anyone interested in purchasing a seasonal gift for our learners.  

Wish List items are designed to combine fun with a learning goal – be it helping with motor skills, turn taking, focus, responding to a question, etc, and the benefits are all noted next to the items on the list.  If you’d like to take a look, just head to Amazon via this quick link at: http://wu.to/5wId6K

Visit: Amazon.co.uk – click on ‘Lists’ then ‘Find a List’ and then type in “Jigsaw Trust”.