Jigsaw Supports UK-SBA Statement on Racial Equality

Recent events across the UK and beyond have raised the issue of racial equality to a higher consciousness and Jigsaw Trust joins with UK-SBA, along with other organisations and individuals, in supporting the global call to end racial discrimination.

UK-SBA is the overarching professional body working towards providing a voice and ethical oversight for our behavioural analytic community and Jigsaw Trust fully supports their statement reiterating a commitment to promoting equality, valuing diversity and combatting all forms of discrimination to provide a supportive, secure environment enabling all members and the clients they serve to maximise their potential.

To support everyone in better understanding the opportunities we have to take appropriate actions and avenues for ongoing and continuing education and honest dialogue, the statement contains a link to petitions sponsored by Black Lives Matter, offers suggestions on affirmative actions along with some recommended readings.

The full statement can be read here: https://uk-sba.org/uk-sba-statement-on-racial-equality/