Jigsaw Pupils Have World Book Day Fun!

World Book Day was a great hit with pupils last week with teachers running story sessions using finger puppets and multi-sensory resources. In keeping with our Charity of the Year, Born Free Foundation, puppet shows were based around animal themes including ‘Monkey Puzzle’, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and ‘The Gruffalo’.

Pupils listened to the stories very well and were keen to participate with some of them calling out the names of animals and anticipating actions. The multi-sensory stories were ‘Anna’s Allotment Bake’ & ‘The Little Princess’. Resources were originally donated by Bag Books, a company specialising in multi-sensory story telling resources for people with learning difficulties. Pupils attended and participated very well, interacting and engaging with the resources. It was good to see their reactions and enthusiasm to the different sensory aspects, whether visual, auditory, tactile, kinaesthetic or olfactory. The session promoted social and communication skills too, in terms of opportunities for turn-taking, sharing resources, expressing needs, views and opinions. A fun World Book Day for all!