General Parent Information

In addition to the separate Calendar page and Downloadable Forms page (see drop down menu above) this page contains helpful information in case of bad weather closure, reporting of absences, etc.


Bad Weather ClosureEarly ClosureReporting of Absences

In the event of closure (eg. due to bad weather, lack of heating, etc)

Please note that updates regarding any potential closure of the school will posted on our websites as early as possible on the morning of the first closure with updates each morning thereafter should they be necessary.

If the school is closed due to bad weather (eg. snow), it is also posted on the website of our local radio station ( and this website also gives an overview of all school closures in the local area.

Jigsaw parents and carers will also receive a text and email message via our own messaging service advising of any closure.

We operate on the principle that, unless otherwise notified by us, Jigsaw will be open.

Transport cancellations

It is possible that transport companies may take the decision not to provide transport to school, if conditions are severe and unsafe – this decision will be taken independently of whether the school is open or closed, and will be based on the road conditions in the child’s home area and any information the transport company has about the road conditions in the child’s school area and in between.

If children have been taken to school in the morning by their transport provider and the weather severely worsens during the day and is not safe to provide return transport, it is parents/carers responsibility to collect their child as soon as possible.

If a child’s morning transport has been cancelled due to adverse weather, parents should assume that transport will be cancelled for the afternoon journey. If parents/carers decide to bring their child into school themselves, they will be responsible for collecting their child.

Where a child travels by taxi, and the taxi service will not be operating due to the weather conditions, the taxi company is required to contact the parents of the children on their routes to advise them. Taxi companies are then required to advise the school and LA if any of their routes have been cancelled.

In the event of early closure (eg. due to bad weather, lack of heating, etc)

We will notify Jigsaw parents and carers in the first instance via our messaging service of any early closure.

Please note that parents are responsible for ensuring their child is collected from school in accordance with the closure notification and in a timely manner, whether this is to collect themselves or by their usual transport company.  If you collect yourself, it remains your responsibility to notify your transport company of any change to the usual routine.

Reporting of Absences

Parents should follow the School’s absence reporting policy and inform school via [email protected] or 01483 273874 of their child’s absence due to unexpected circumstances (eg. illness).

For absences that are known about in advance (eg. medical appointment), you will find an Authorised Absence Form under the ‘Downloadable Forms’ drop down menu above that can be completed and returned to school.

It would be extremely helpful, if at all possible, absence information is emailed to enable us us distribute relevant information more efficiently to staff who need to be made aware.   Thank you.