Fun with Rocksteady School at Jigsaw

A VERY COOL DAY AT SCHOOL for some budding Jigsaw rockstars thanks to the professional gigging musicians from Rocksteady Music School.

Rocksteady musicians teach rock band lessons to thousands of children each week across the UK.  They are experts in turning any child into an instant rock star, even if they have never touched an instrument before, so we were thrilled to welcome them to Jigsaw to “make some noise” with our pupils recently!!  The children were able to try out instruments including guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals, and learnt to play together as a band as part of the day. Jigsaw’s Deputy Head Teacher, Mariann Szabo, commented, “It was an excellent day and our very great thanks to the Rocksteady staff for tailoring each session to best suit the needs of our pupils ensuring everyone participated in some way.  It was inspiring to see the fun pupils were having whilst embedding key skills and new learning. Definitely a cool day at school thanks to Rocksteady!”