Remote Education

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to parents/carers about what to expect from Jigsaw School’s remote education provision when pupils’ face to face education is disrupted by Covid-19.

We recognise that pupils at Jigsaw may not be able to access remote education without being fully supported and supervised by adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties and challenges this may place on families and we will work closely with parents and carers to provide meaningful, high-quality remote education that is achievable and manageable for both pupils and families.

Pupils at Jigsaw will be provided with remote education when:

  • they are required to self-isolate due to being identified as a close contact of a confirmed positive case;
  • they are shielding, pupils are identified as clinically extremely vulnerable;
  • we have to close classes, bubbles or school on government;/public health advice;
  • they remain at home during local/national restrictions on parental request.

Pupils will not have to complete home learning if they are self-isolating due to being unwell with Covid-19 symptoms. Pupils are only required to engage in remote learning if they are well enough to do so.

The pandemic continues to place many additional pressures and challenges on teaching staff, therapists and school leaders.  As a special school, Jigsaw School remains open during national lockdown and restrictions in line with government guidelines and advice. When pupils are unable to attend for reasons outlined above, the school will additionally offer individually focused remote education for pupils for the duration of their time at home whilst continuing to deliver face to face education to the majority of pupils onsite.

The remote curriculum

Supervisors will contact families during the first three days of transferring to remote learning to discuss how remote learning and therapy will be delivered, to propose an individualised remote learning plan and to draft a daily/weekly timetable.

Pupils have immediate access to three online learning platforms (Purple Mash, EducationCity and Espresso Coding). We have also published a list of useful online resources on our parent portal. Supervisors will recommend activities to complete from the online platforms (where appropriate) and will also suggest daily living and vocational activities for pupils to participate in.

Each pupil’s remote learning plan will be individualised and will take into consideration:

  • pupil’s age,
  • pupil’s level of independence and abilities,
  • support and supervision pupil requires to engage in learning activities,
  • access to IT equipment and internet,
  • pupil’s current and already mastered academic and therapy targets,
  • vocational and daily living skills targets,
  • opportunities for exercise and creative learning.

Where possible and appropriate, the learning targets and activities provided are linked to each pupil’s EHCP targets and current learning objectives. Remote learning will also incorporate aspects of the school curriculum such as activities linked to assembly themes and topic curriculum. For pupils in years 10 to 14, the activities provided will address requirements for the awards and qualifications they are enrolled in.

Remote teaching and study time each day

Supervisors will work closely with families to establish a daily/weekly timetable for each pupil. From the start we encourage parents/carers to keep to pupils’ normal routines e.g. getting up and getting dressed at the same time as on school days. It will be important to differentiate weekdays from weekends on the timetable, and also indicating to pupils when school work is finished each day to support them to understand the difference between study time and home life.

It will be expected that pupils will spend a portion of their day engaging in structured learning activities provided by the school. The amount of time each pupil engages in learning will be individualised and opportunities for frequent breaks and physical exercise will also be considered.

Pupils will be set learning activities for each day, to complete either independently or with the support and supervision of parents/carers.

Where parents and carers require advice, support or guidance, their child’s supervisor/lead teacher and therapists can be contacted via email. We are happy to arrange meetings via a phone call or Microsoft Teams to discuss any challenges and difficulties parents/carers may encounter.

Accessing remote education

Supervisors will discuss with parents and carers how pupils will access remote education. Learning activities and resources will be provided in a variety of ways depending on the most suitable method for each family. For example, learning activities and resources can be posted, emailed or shared via our learning platform on Microsoft Teams.

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable devices and access to internet at home. Parents/carers can raise with their child’s supervisor during their initial remote learning planning meeting if they require support with technology for their child.

Engagement and feedback

Regular communication between parents/carers and class teams will be required to support pupils effectively. Parents can provide feedback on pupil’s engagement, progress and any challenges in a variety of ways. They can complete the feedback & comments section of our home learning activities form, email supervisors or feedback verbally during phone calls, virtual meetings.

Teaching staff will contact families regularly for an update on pupils’ remote learning. We ask that parents indicate which assigned activities were completed each week, the level of support they provided to their child and progress the pupil has made. Records of all communication will be kept on pupil file.

Where pupils complete independent work and worksheets, these can be returned to the school either via post for the attention of the class supervisor, via email to the pupil’s supervisor or via the online learning platform on Teams, where this is appropriate. In case of virtual lessons, the teachers will provide direct feedback to pupils and parents/carers during the session in line with the school’s teaching approach. Teachers will record and monitor data and will make the necessary adaptations to learning objectives.

Supervisors/therapists can discuss pupil progress with parents/carers either via email or virtual meetings (phone or videocalls). Supervisors/therapists will advise on next steps or strategies that can be implemented at home to support learning and progress.

Online Safety

We expect parents to provide support and supervision to pupils when they are completing learning online or accessing a device that has the functionality of internet use. We ask that parents set up appropriate parental controls on devices owned by them to safeguard pupils. We expect families to comply with Jigsaw’s Acceptable Use policy.

Devices loaned by the school will have the appropriate monitoring and filtering controls installed. Parents are required to sign a loan agreement and the device must be returned to school on the first day of the pupil’s return to school.