Covid Response

Jigsaw’s Covid-19 Response Statement

Throughout the pandemic, Jigsaw remained resolute in its commitment to continue to educate, care and support those learners in our community who needed our support most.  We are proud to have been able to keep our doors open throughout, whilst operating adjusted timetables and daily schedules, and recognise that we were able to do this thanks to the commitment of our staff teams, suppliers and contractors and also as a result of the support we have received from our extended Jigsaw families.

As an organisation, Jigsaw is governed by a commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our learners and staff at all times and all decisions are made with this at the forefront of our thinking.

The Government now describes us as all ‘living with Covid’ and we have, therefore, taken the decision to remove our Covid FAQs from this website and move our response statement from the front pages to now sit under the Parent Information tab.

Jigsaw continues to operate in line with all Government guidance and best practice and still has a live Risk Assessment in place that is reviewed regularly by our Business Continuity Team (BCT*).  This will allow us to respond swiftly to any legislation/advisory changes and effectively implement new protocols and interventions should they become necessary to further ensure the safety of all our learners and staff.

*BCT comprises our CEO, Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Director of Adult Services, Director of People, Facilities Manager, IT Lead and Marketing & Communications Manager.  

A copy of our Risk Assessment is available on our main Jigsaw Trust charity website on our Covid-19 page.  However, please be aware that this document is updated internally by our Facilities Manager and Business Continuity Team and the most up to date version can always be requested via [email protected].