Covid Response

Jigsaw’s Covid-19 Response Statement

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, Jigsaw has remained resolute in its commitment to continue to educate, care and support those learners in our community who need our support most.  We are proud to have been able to keep our doors open throughout, whilst operating adjusted timetables and daily schedules, and recognise that we have been able to do this because of the commitment of our staff teams, suppliers and contractors and also as a result of the support we have received from our extended Jigsaw families.

As an organisation, Jigsaw is governed by a commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our learners and staff at all times and all decisions are made with this at the forefront of our thinking.  We are in constant and direct contact with our families and carers.  Below is more general  information regarding our response to Covid-19 and the various preventative measures and proactive actions we have in place across our site to best mitigate risk and to keep our learners and staff safe.

Jigsaw is operating in line with all Government guidance and best practice and has a live and evolving Risk Assessment in place that is reviewed weekly by our Business Continuity Team (BCT*).  This enables us to respond swiftly to any legislation/advisory changes and effectively implement new protocols and interventions where necessary to further ensure the safety of all our learners and staff.

*BCT comprises our CEO, Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Director of Adult Services, Director of People, Facilities Manager, IT Lead and Marketing & Communications Manager.  

We have taken the decision to periodically publish our Risk Assessment online. A copy is available on our main Jigsaw Trust charity website on our Covid-19 page.  However, please be aware that this document is regularly updated internally by our Facilities Manager and Business Continuity Team and the most up to date version can always be requested via [email protected].

Please find below a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that relate to key aspects of the risk assessment.

Covid Response FAQ

  • Who is managing Jigsaw’s overall response to Covid-19

    We have a Business Continuity Team consisting of Senior Management Team members across our business areas, our CEO, HR and Communications managing and agreeing on all measures, actions and processes taken by the organisation.

  • Does Jigsaw have a risk assessment in place

    Yes we do. It is a living document continually under review by our Business Continuity Team.
    We have chosen to publish this document periodically on our main Jigsaw Trust website. However it is important to be aware that as this is a working, evolving document responsive to the ongoing situation, if you wish to see the very latest version, you are able to contact our Administration team directly to request a copy.

  • What would you do if my son/daughter becomes symptomatic at School

    In the event of a learner (or staff member) becoming symptomatic on site, we have established procedures in place for staff to follow. Full PPE is available in our isolation areas and staff have all been trained in the correct donning, doffing and disposal of PPE and our internal protocols around this. The procedure ensures we are able to look after and isolate the learner (or staff member) in question until they able to leave the site.

  • What will you do if someone tests positive

    We have procedures in place from the moment someone is identified as being symptomatic whether they are on or offsite.
    To ensure we can provide an accurate picture of any impact of a positive test, we conduct an internal ‘contact check’ with individuals at the point they identify themselves as symptomatic. This means we are capturing contact information at the earliest possible moment and have that information to present to Public Health England if required.
    If someone is then confirmed as positive, the individual is required to self-isolate as per the latest Government guidance. If we have a number of cases, we will notify Public Health England. We have an enhanced cleaning schedule in place, including high touch cleaning daily, and are proactively sanitising the facilities every week using X-Mist which has lasting results and remains active for up to 7 days after use.
    Staff and parents are kept informed on a regular basis and in the event of further actions needing to be taken by Jigsaw, immediate communications will be sent to all relevant parties.
    From the start of the Autumn Term 2021, schools will no longer be responsible for identifying close contacts.  This process has been passed to the NHS.  Pupils under the age of 18 and pupils/staff who are doubly vaccinated will no longer need to self-isolate. They will be required to take a daily LFD test.

  • Will you close the whole of the school if you get a positive case


  • Will you close the whole of the school if there is a local lockdown

    Special schools are required to remain open during local lockdown. Your child can continue to come to school if there is a local lockdown in your area and they can continue to come to school if there is a local lockdown in the area of the school. Jigsaw School will also remain open during national lockdown.

  • Does my son/daughter need to wear a face mask
    Currently, pupils are not required to wear face masks at Jigsaw.  If you wish your son/daughter to wear a face mask then they are welcome to do so.
  • When can my son/daughter return to school if they have been feeling unwell but have not displayed any of the recognised Covid symptoms

    If your son/daughter has been unwell but not shown any Covid symptoms, they may return to Jigsaw once they feel well enough to do so, as long as they remain free from Covid symptoms.

  • Can my son/daughter come to school with a cold and cough

    If your son/daughter has developed a new cough, they should be tested or seek medical advice from your GP. If the GP advises that they can return or you have a negative test, we are happy to have them back onsite otherwise, you should follow the staying at home guidance and self-isolate for the appropriate period.

  • How do I know if my son/daughter’s cough is a cold symptom or a Covid-19 symptom

    If you have any concerns, you should seek the advice of a medical professional and/or get tested and follow advice given. The symptoms of Covid-19 are a ‘persistent new cough’, high temperature and/or loss or change of your sense of smell and/or taste.

  • What should I do if I cannot get a test or have not received my test results

    If you are unable to get a test; have not received your results or if your results come back as inconclusive, you must continue to self-isolate for the full 10-day period. You will only be allowed to return to Jigsaw after this period of self-isolation is complete and if you feel well enough to do so.

  • What happens if one of your staff members goes abroad or I take my child abroad

    Overseas travel is subject to changing rules and regulations regarding quarantine, advised/non-advised travel areas and as such, our response depends entirely on the prevailing government guidance at the time of travel. No member of staff or pupil/learner will be allowed to return to Jigsaw until all quarantine and/or other relevant restrictions and measures have been satisfied.

  • Will work be provided for my son/daughter if we are self-isolating

    Yes – you will have an opportunity to liaise directly with your son/daughter’s Supervisor to organise this.  Please see our Remote Education Statement found under the Covid Tab on this website.

  • Can my son/daughter come to Jigsaw if someone in their household tests positive for COVID

    As @ September 2021, yes providing they are not displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Will my son/daughter be going on any offsite trips

    Supermarket trips and indoor café trips are currently not taking place. All other educational visits have been reinstated.

  • Do you have a LFD asymptomatic home testing programme in place for families

    This is available for all secondary aged and college aged pupils at the School.

  • What happens if I don’t give consent to my personal information being shared with PHE

    PHE has special permission from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to use personally identifiable information without people’s consent where this is in the public interest. This means that both staff and parents of pupils at Jigsaw are not required to give consent for data to be shared with PHE in this instance as it is a public duty that these data are shared.
    Jigsaw will be required to co-operate with such requests as we are under an obligation to share data and whilst at no point will we share data without a sound legal basis, please be aware that we will share data where necessary.

  • Will my son/daughter be vaccinated at Jigsaw

    We currently have no plans to run a vaccination programme at Jigsaw. If for any reason that were to change, we would seek individual permissions for the specific vaccination in question at that time, otherwise, we continue to adhere to all information provided by you to us in your son/daughter’s annual medical declarations (inc any interim updates).

  • I would like to visit Jigsaw, am I still able to do so and if so, what restrictions do you have in place

    You are able to visit Jigsaw, by appointment and we are still holding some remote meetings (via Teams or similar, telephone or email).  We have an updated Guide for Visitors available on the Contact Us pages of our websites which we request you review ahead of considering a visit.  Update: Visitor restrictions are currently in place across Jigsaw – we have no non-essential visitors onsite and essential visitors will be notified of the school’s situation prior to any scheduled visit.

  • If I am able to visit Jigsaw, do I need to wear a face covering

    All visitors to site will be requested to wear a face covering when visiting pupil designated areas unless exempt. Masks are optional in other meeting and communal areas.

    Please see our Visitors Guide on the website (Contact Page) for all information.

  • Are staff at Jigsaw School being tested?

    Jigsaw School has established a programme of twice weekly home testing (LFD) that is available for teaching and support staff working across the school site.

  • How is Jigsaw maintaining social distancing

    Social distancing is maintained wherever possible across our setting.  We are an educational setting for children with special needs (autism) and as such, need to work closely with our pupils to keep them safe and to teach them effectively. Maintaining social distancing is embedded into learning programmes with pupils where possible.

  • Do you use PPE

    We routinely use PPE where necessary and are guided by individual learners’ risk assessments in addition to best practice and all latest guidance. We additionally maintain a stock of PPE separately in isolation areas to use in the event of a member of staff or one of our learners presenting with symptoms on site.

  • Does Jigsaw have a 'bubble' system in place

    Jigsaw is currently operating with 3 distinct bubbles. Should a staff member need to cross bubbles, they wear (where safe to do so) medical grade masks. Any crossing of bubbles is kept to an absolute minimum and only where staffing requires.  Additional space has also been provided to staff so that they can take a break and have lunch in separate bubbles.