Jigsaw CABAS School is fortunate to have an incredible team of highly committed and caring staff, both in and out of the classroom. Our teaching staff, the dedicated team of administrative and Trust Shared Services staff, Governors and Trustees all share a common goal;  that the Jigsaw CABAS School will improve the lives of every single child that walks through its doors.


The role and influence of the teaching staff are crucial factors in the promotion of high quality learning and teaching and the school performance management policy supports continuing professional development for all staff.

“The Jigsaw team support us at home as well. Jigsaw is the school of our dreams.” (Parent Quote 2019)

The quality of teaching is supported in the following ways: CABAS Board Certification of professional expertise in teaching; Teacher observations and Teacher Performance Rate and Accuracy (TPRA) and Continuing Professional Development for all teachers.   All of the teaching staff at Jigsaw are required to work through a CABAS training programme to become certified with the CABAS Board.

Staff Training & CPD

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CABAS® (Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling) was originated over 40 years ago to develop a science of teaching.  More information about CABAS and the different teaching ranks can be found in this downloadable “What is Behaviour Analysis & CABAS?” leaflet.  To find out more directly from the CABAS website, please click on

Jigsaw’s latest Certificant Registry can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The school also supports certification programmes with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) to achieve Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) status.  More information about this Board can be found at

The following staff at Jigsaw are Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBAs):

Emma Hawkins
Kate Grant
Adriana Borzecka
Katie Hyde
Kate Hewett
Natalie Leow-Dyke
Sam Parker
Aisling Collins
Charlie Holland
Meredith Wightman
Chloe Mason

The school also supports certification programmes with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) to achieve Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) status.  More information about this can be found at

The following staff at Jigsaw are Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBTs):
Millie Tilson
Emma Roberts
Siobhan Frost
Hayley Locke
Rhys Jones
Andrea Roa Diaz
Jessica Wilding
Maria Noguera Gonzalez

Jigsaw’s introductory training modules and CABAS Teaching Assistant rank have been mapped against the UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework.

Jigsaw supports a number of full time CABAS teachers to complete a distance Masters Degree in High Incidence Disabilities and Behaviour Analysis from Nicholls State University, New Orleans, USA.  The following staff at Jigsaw CABAS School have achieved this qualification or have a Masters in Behaviour Analysis from another university:

Edi Middleton
Katie Hyde
Kate Hewett
Emily Peak
Natalie Leow-Dyke
Ebony McDonough-Dancer
Meredith Wightman
Sam Parker
Charlie Holland
Aisling Collins
Jane Jones
Katy Bryan (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Hannah Stockford (Bangor University)
Chloe Mason (Tizard Centre, University of Kent)
Philippa Da Silva
Tim Hitchmough

Click here for a brief overview of the training and career pathways available at Jigsaw School.  Further details on all vacancies, training and other benefits can be found on our dedicated Careers At Jigsaw website

A full staff list, with qualifications, is available upon request from the main Administration Office.  Please contact [email protected] or call  01483 273874.

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Jigsaw staff (teaching and non teaching) also have the opportunity to join UK-SBA (UK Society for Behaviour Analysis) – a forum for behaviour analysts for accreditation, professional development, continuing education and networking, and serves as an advocate body in public debate on issues relating to behaviour analysis.

The UK-SBA promotes the ethical and effective application of the principles of behaviour and learning to a wide range of areas including education, rehabilitation and health care, business, and the community and is committed to maintaining the availability of high-quality evidence-based professional behaviour analysis practice in the UK.  The Society also promotes and supports the academic field of behaviour analysis within the UK both in terms of university-based training, research and practice.   Visit:  for more details.