Fun for all at School’s Sports Afternoon

Jigsaw School’s Sports Afternoon in the last week of term enjoyed both great weather and great support from parents. It was lovely to see so many of our parents encouraging all their children!

A new fun and colourful event this year was the Pin the Letter on the Jigsaw Shape game, a relay where the idea was to pin all the letters in ‘jigsaw’ onto a large jigsaw piece as fast as possible. The pieces were the result of collaborative art by every class. Some classes had also practised relay racing in their PE lessons this half-term.

Pupils also took part in a wide range of other fun events ranging from a tug-of-war to running races, balancing activities, throwing and obstacle challenges.

Thanks go to teacher Maria Sanchez for organising the Sports Afternoon and creating such a varied and inclusive schedule. Thanks also go to all the other staff members involved for helping to ensure the pupils had so much fun! And extra thanks go to all the parents who turned out to support the pupils at the event.