Sainsbury’s tokens update Food Tech Room

Jigsaw’s Food Tech Room has been updated and re-equipped with new items ranging from wooden spoons to saucepans and weighing scales thanks to parents, staff and supporters collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids tokens.

We received well over 25,000 tokens – which were all painstakingly counted by clients of JigsawPlus Adult Services. This was almost three times as many as last year!

Every token counts in this annual scheme: the 12 wooden spoons we’ve ordered cost just 17 tokens each. Thanks to everyone’s efforts we’ve been able to replace and add to many heavily used items, including measuring jugs, can openers, mixing bowls, baking trays, chopping boards, tea towels and even a sandwich toaster.

In addition we’ve ordered some card and board games which offer a fun way of learning about cooking and healthy eating.

Sainsbury’s has donated £170m-worth of cooking and sports equipment since the Active Kids scheme started in 2005, offering one token for every £5 spent at Sainsbury’s Locals and one for every £10 at a supermarket or online.

Thanks to everyone who collected and sent in their tokens!