New ‘Centre for Lifelong Learning’ Information Event

The new JigsawPlus ‘Centre for Lifelong Learning’ for adults with autism is on schedule to open early next year to provide an expanded range of education, wellbeing and work experience services. A project update was presented to Jigsaw parents and supporters at an event attended by the Mayors of Waverley and Guildford.

The new £561,000 building will replace the current temporary accommodation and enable JigsawPlus to extend its services to 40 clients.

The centre will include a Performing Arts Suite, Library, Media & Technology Centre and Activity & Fitness facilities.  Independent living skills will be supported by Kitchens and Dining Rooms, a Lounge and even a Laundry Room.  There will be rooms for education and learning key skills, and an Interactive room providing different sensory experiences.

Kate Grant, co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Trust, confirmed that more than £365,000 had already been raised, thanks to the generous support of several trusts, major grants and donors. This has enabled the 11,500-square-feet building to be completed and have a first fit.

The centre is next to Jigsaw’s ‘Café on the Park’ social enterprise, which provides both work and socialising experience to JigsawPlus clients and Jigsaw School pupils.

Jigsaw is now working to raise the rest of the money to complete the fitting-out and furnishing.

For further information visit where you can download brochures and details about how you can get involved in supporting the project.  Alternatively, contact our Fundraising team on 01483 273874.